“The wines of the Vida Nova and Onda Nova aim to set a new level of excellence for wines created in the Algarve…"


The Algarve has excellent conditions for producing fruit driven wines in a modern style. Cooling on-shore breezes moderate the heat of the southern sun while the poor limestone soils limit water, providing an ideal environment for maturing high quality wine grapes.


​Most of our vineyard operations are done by hand. We manage the vineyards in a sustainable manner using only the mildest agricultural products in a programme designed to prevent the onset of any vineyard diseases rather than a more aggressive curative approach. At harvest we pick and process all our fruit gently by hand. This is fully consistent with our policy to produce only the highest quality wines.



Champions the rebirth of Algarve wine. We strive to make wines that reflect the vitality and energy of this region with so much to discover.


Our purpose at Adega do Cantor is to make wines that reflect the warmth, colour and diversity of our region; wine to partner fantastic cuisine.


A bespoke wine made primarily for the Danish Market.


One Wine, two producers.

 A first for the Algarve. Created to enjoy at the beach or by the pool.



(+351) 968 776 971 / (+351) 289 572 666 



Adega do Cantor Sociedade de Vitivinicultura, Lda
Quinta Do Miradouro – Álamos
Apartado 5008 / 8200-443 GUIA ABF
Algarve – Portugal

(+315) 289 572 668


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