Cliff Richard Adega do Cantor Signature

The Adega do Cantor or Winery of the Singer is situated at Guia, a few kilometres northwest of Albufeira in the middle of the Algarve. It was built to produce wine, principally the Vida and Onda Nova ranges, from three surrounding Quintas, Quinta do Moinho, Quinta do Miradouro and Vale do Sobreiro. Our aim is to produce the highest quality wine that the region can offer using a combination of traditional and innovative modern winemaking techniques.

The winery is situated at the top of Quinta do Miradouro from which stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and coast line can be seen.

As well as producing wine we also offer a range of guided tours of the vineyards and winery, tutored tastings and the opportunity to purchase both wines and a variety of merchandise. Please see our visits page.

Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff has known and
loved the Algarve for
over 40 years. His idea
to plant a vineyard at his property Quinta do Moinho provided the genesis point for the Vida Nova range of wines.
Cliff Richard Vida Nova Wine
Sir Cliff is very much involved in producing the wine. When in Portugal he is often seen getting his hands dirty in the vineyard or indeed his feet dirty in the winery. Visit Sir Cliff Richard's official website at
Nigel and Lesley Birch
Nigel and Lesley have been residents of the Algarve for more than 30 years. They own Quinta do Miradouro, where the Adega do Cantor is situated and have established a second vineyard there to produce grapes for Vida Nova.
Max and Michelle Birch
Owners of the third vineyard, Vale do Sobreiro.
Ruben Pinto
Resident winemaker
Luisa Braziel

Rui Viegas

Is responsible for Distribution and Sales.

Christina Larsen, Geni Barros & Liz Briggs
Are in charge of tours, tastings and sales at the cellar door.